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Can one lawyer do everything?

Can one lawyer do everything? 150 150 Jiang Hong Wilkin Business Law

Someone asked what kind of law I practice. I practice corporate and securities law. Corporate law mainly deals with acquisition, merger, investment, etc. Securities law mainly deals with going public, financing, investment funds, acquisition of public companies, disclosure, etc. I have been practicing in these areas for 20 years. There are a lot of areas in business law, such as commercial litigation, tax law, intellectual property rights, commercial real estate, employment law, etc. The professional lawyer has the expertise in the area which he/she is practicing. They normally will not deal with legal issues outside of their specialized areas by themselves. For example, in an acquisition project, I will deal with the corporate law issues only, and we will include other lawyers specializing in other areas. If a lawyer is practicing everything, he/she may not have a deep knowledge in any area.


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