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Are fridge, stove, washer/driver part of the property sale?

Are fridge, stove, washer/driver part of the property sale? 150 150 Jiang Hong Wilkin Business Law

In a real estate transaction the offer is extremely important. The buyer and seller must state clearly in the officer what is sold with the property and what is excluded. If you do not state in the offer, then the law requires that all fixtures are sold with the property, and all chattel is excluded from the sale. Fixtures are considered part of the property, and cannot be removed without damaging the property. For example, wall-to-wall carpet, floor boards and recessed ceiling light fixtures are all considered fixtures. Chattel refers to items you can remove without damaging the property. Fridge, stove/oven, washer and driver are all chattel. If the offer does not say these chattel items are included in the sale, then the seller is entitled to remove all of them. The buyer will be greatly disappointed when the buyer realizes that the fridge, stover, washer/driver are all gone. So if the buyer wants certain items of chattel to remain after closing, the offer must expressly state so. Similarly, if a seller expects to remove certain fixtures, it must be cleared set out in the offer; otherwise, the seller is not allowed to take any fixture with him.


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