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Can a child sign a contract?

Can a child sign a contract?

Can a child sign a contract? 150 150 Jiang Hong Wilkin Business Law

In Canada, whether or not the contract is valid depends on several factors. One of them is that all the signing parties must have legal capacity to sign the contract. For individuals, the signor must reach the age of majority (18 years in Ontario), and have no metal capacity issues. Accordingly, the contract will have a validity issue if a child or a person lacking mental competence signs the contract. For companies, the company must exist and not be in a bankruptcy proceeding. The company which is bankrupt has no capacity to enter into a contract. Some people ask if they can buy real estate under their children’s names. If the child is still a minor, the contract signed by the child is invalid. If any lawyer says that the contract signed by a child is valid, please ask the lawyer to provide a legal opinion, then the lawyer will take responsibility if there is dispute in the future.


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